How to find the Java Platform of a Sony Ericsson Phone

The Java platform of the Sony Ericsson phones tells you about the capability and supported API's of Java Platform. e.g. the retrieval of cmcc, cmnc, lac and cellid using the System.getProperty is supported from Java Platform JP 7.3 and above. The Capuchin API's are supported from JP 8.4 and above.

To find you Java Platform, Open the service menu by pressing the below key sequence from the standby screen
( > - right key in the navigation keypad, < - left key in navigation keypad )

Service Menu -> Service Info -> Software Info -> Scroll down for Java SW Version.

In you Java program you can find the JP version using
This API, works from JP 7.1, for earlier JP it returns null.

Check out this document to find the capabilities of the various Java Platforms.